Tour GLOBALG.A.P in Colombia, showed that the world looks at a country at peace

Septiembre 29, 2016 8:54 pm Publicado por boletin-1-1

The TOUR GLOBAL.G.A.P took place in the city of Armenia, Quindío, Colombia Organized by the Corporación Colombia Internacional - CCI, with the support of the governor of Quindío and the Ministry of Agriculture; had the participation of 90 attendees and 20 speakers, including Governmental Institutions and Private Sector Institutions were and Certification Bodies and producers from different regions of the country.

The event was installed by the Gobernador Padre Carlos Eduardo Osorio, who said: "We have a responsibility, situations where people live now, if people produce and consume safe products, the health of the Colombian population would be better off, having Awareness that the product to be sold and consumed is transparent "

During the development of the conference issues possibly affecting certification processes, such as chemicals used for crops, water and the role of institutions in implementation were discussed BPA (Good Agricultural Practice) were discussed. International speakers GLOBALG.A.P Daniel Catron and Horst Lang made a difference against the knowledge of the standard and the requirements of international markets.


The example of the MACS (agribusiness, competitive and sustainable models) as a tool that has implemented the ICC to accompany the producer, achieving reach certification in BPA and GLOBALG.A.P, giving the COLOMBIAG.A.P seal was highlighted at the event. The model was presented by Adriana Senior, president of the ICC who said: "We believe that the field of post-conflict is the revenue generator, producing and marketing products with quality and safety."

The event also included the participation ASOCOLFLORES Guild, who was showing relevant experience with the seal of social responsibility FLORVERDE.

Banana sector participation was significant, being one of the products with the highest number of certification in Colombia.

Experience told by CaucaHass through its legal representative Jesus Camacho, on certification in GLOBALG.A.P 61 agucateros, was recognized by the representatives of GLOBALG.A.P as a success story worthy of being told in other countries.